Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Facebook Free Product Surprise Wednesday


The free product from my TPT shop that you can grab up for the next few hours if you like my facebook page is my Daily Math Common Core Warm Ups.

All you need to do is follow me on Bloglovin and like my facebook page. Then click on the fan freebies button!

If you like this product make sure you check out the language version in my shop!

Have a great night!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Facebook Free Product Surprise Tuesday and Teacher Tip


I am so overwhelmed by the number of followers I am gaining on facebook and Bloglovin through my facebook free product surprise. If you haven't heard about this great deal I am offering a free product from mt TPT store each day this week for anyone that likes my facebook page. Today's free product was a request from Cindy L. She commented that she would like to see my Main Idea Mainia pack for free so that's the free product for the next few hours.

In this packet you will find:
Mini posters (2 versions for you to use what you like best)
Rain cloud craftivity with templates
Monkey craftivity with templates and story written by me
Main idea grab game for 4 players
Cut and sort
Main idea and supporting detail matching pair color
Click on the first picture to like me on facebook and then click on fan freebies to download the product. Next, click on the bloglovin picture below to follow me there so you can find out what the free product will be tomorrow.

Also, I submitted a teaching tip to Teachers Notebook a while back and never heard anything back from them. I had an email today saying my teaching tip will be published tomorrow {July 31st}. In honor of that I am having a sale on all items in my TN shop tomorrow! Everything in my shop will be 30% off. Click {HERE} to read my teaching tip about addition pocket books. I think you can click on the right side of the page and search for Second Grade Perks. My tip won't be published until tomorrow though.
Hope you enjoy today's freebie. Check back tomorrow for the next free product!!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Facebook Free Product Surprise Monday


Second post of the day for me. Whew!! Well I had to post twice because as mentioned last Friday I am doing a facebook free product surprise. Each day this week I will put one of my TPT products for free for a limited amount of time. Make sure you follow me on bloglovin so you can find out which product is free each day and become a fan on facebook to be able to snag your free product.  Lori Raines commented on my post from Friday that she would like to see any of my common core products for free. So..... you got it. For the next hour (possibly longer) like my facebook page and get your free 132 page Common Core Number and Operations in Base Ten packet! It is part of my Common Core for the Year Bundle and one of my best sellers.

Here is what all comes in the pack:

Number and Operations in Base Ten Pre and Post Test
Place Value Mini Poster
Place Value Pencils
Peanut Place Value
Skip Counting Shazam
The Skip Counting Garden
Number Form Match
Check Out My Form
Compare Me
Pre and Post Tests
Addition and Subtraction Fishing
Tic Tac Toe Math
Adding up Butterflies Game and Craftivity
What To Do
What's More or Less
More or Less Picnic

Most activities include a corresponding recording sheet for students to complete when finished.

Hope you enjoy! Click on the picture below to go to my facebook page {click on fan freebies}. Then click on the picture below that to follow me on Bloglovin. Make sure you check back tomorrow for the next free product!

Monday Made It Dry Erase Calendar

I saw the cutest DIY dry erase calendar on Pinterest and just had to make one for myself. Now if you know me at all you know I have not one artistic bone in my body, so while my calendar is not nearly as neat as the one I saw I was pretty darn proud of myself. Here is what my finished product looked like:

I am so angry that it was crooked on the wall when I took this. I didn't even notice until I just uploaded the picture now. So anywho here is what I did:

I first bought all of the supplies which are fabric, a frame ($ store) skinny ribbon for the date boxes and a small piece of thick ribbon to write the name of the month on, and some fabric flowers to cutesy it up. You will also need scrapbook letters for the days of the week. Notice mine are not in the picture because I forgot them and had to go back to the store.

Next, I measured across and divided by 7 to know how big I could make each box.

With my size frame I could have 1-1/2 inch boxes so I put my tape measure down and put a level on top to make sure I was even across and not slanted. I taped a very small spot of each ribbon down at the 1-1/2 inch mark so it wouldn't slide before I could hot glue it. I alos taped down the tape measure so it wouldn't slide on me.

Make sure you lay your thick ribbon in its place to make sure you leave room for it to be glued on at the end.

I then repeated these same steps for the ribbon going the opposite direction.

Last, I hot glued the ribbon down along with the thick ribbon for the name of the month and added my fabric flowers and came out with my finished product. Don't laugh y'all. I know for a teacher I have the worst handwriting right!?!?

So that's my Monday Made It. Now, I'm praying I don't go into my classroom next week and find it on the floor where it didn't stay on the wall.

Don't forget about my facebook free product surprise! Read all about that {HERE}. It starts today. You don't want to miss it!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Surprise Planned For Next Week!

I have one, yes one, week of summer vacation left and I am totally bumming! So I wanted to do a little something special, ok a big something special, each day next week. The thing is you have to follow me on facebook to get in on it. I wasn't going to tell what it was but I'm excited about it so here goes. Each day next week I am going to pick an item from my TPT shop to give to everyone that wants it for FREE. Yep, you heard right, for FREE. When I put the item as free I'll let you know on facebook. It may be free for an hour and it may be free for a few hours. Each day will be different. So if you follow me you have a chance of getting 5 free products next week. I appreciate all of my followers more than you know and so I want your input. Browse my TPT shop (become a fan while you're there) and comment below which items you would like to see for free next week. Who knows the item you want may get chosen! The items will be picked based on what you want. Click on the picture to become a fan if you're not already!

I'm headed to the lake in a couple of hours with some friends from church! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Christmas in July Day 6 and Classroom Pics

So if you remember on Sunday I said I was going to my class to finish up getting it ready for a new year. I FINALLY FINISHED!! After 21 hours in one week and the help of most of my family members I am all set for my new kiddos. Man I hope I don't have to change rooms again. I wanted to share a few {ok, ok a lot} of pics of the final look.

I made crate seats this year and it ended up only costing me $8. I already had the crates. My grandmother sews and had the foam cushions, and my dad had the wood and cut it for me to fit my crates. I only had to buy spray paint which I would not suggest doing because it does not go on the plastic crates very well at all. They look awesome from a distance but up close....not so much. The kids will love them anyway so it's all good!

I found this wrapping paper at the dollar store and had to use it for something so I made an awning for my cafe board.......... (notice the right side...I worked on this side for an hour and it was not cooperating)

And used it for background paper on my daily calendar routine board.

This is our work on writing station and who hasn't seen the awesome "I can write a...." setup?

My desk area

Wish I could afford a new rug and rocker to go with my new bright theme.  Rugs are not cheap though! Can I get an AMEN?!?!

If you look you can find my hubby giving the double thumbs up because he had been there for 7 hours that day and was pumped to be going home. Now I'll admit I could stay in my room decorating for a week straight but I know for him it was pretty miserable so I owe him BIG TIME!

Also, today is the final day of the Christmas in July sale {insert sad face}

For this final day of the sale all of my holiday themed centers will be 20% off. Click on any of the links or pictures to download more preview pictures and details.


Boo to You October Activity Packet You can read my blog post about this item {HERE}

Happy Fall To All Math and Literacy Centers

It's Snowing Common Core {Math and Literacy Centers} You can read my blog post about this item {HERE}

Since it is the last day of this big sale you can't take the risk of not checking out these other ladies and seeing what they have to offer today!