Friday, July 26, 2013

Surprise Planned For Next Week!

I have one, yes one, week of summer vacation left and I am totally bumming! So I wanted to do a little something special, ok a big something special, each day next week. The thing is you have to follow me on facebook to get in on it. I wasn't going to tell what it was but I'm excited about it so here goes. Each day next week I am going to pick an item from my TPT shop to give to everyone that wants it for FREE. Yep, you heard right, for FREE. When I put the item as free I'll let you know on facebook. It may be free for an hour and it may be free for a few hours. Each day will be different. So if you follow me you have a chance of getting 5 free products next week. I appreciate all of my followers more than you know and so I want your input. Browse my TPT shop (become a fan while you're there) and comment below which items you would like to see for free next week. Who knows the item you want may get chosen! The items will be picked based on what you want. Click on the picture to become a fan if you're not already!

I'm headed to the lake in a couple of hours with some friends from church! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait. Thanks for doing the freebies.


  2. oooh how exciting! Hope all of them aren't during the school day though(full week of TESS training for me :-(

  3. What a great idea, Heather! I think any of your products that help with common core implementation and assessment would be awesome! I can't wait to see what you pick. Hope the lake was relaxing.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  4. I would like to see your Back to School Literacy Centers or any of your Common Core packets!

  5. Wow, this will be fun. I would like to see the Common Core Informative Writing or the Common Core calendar packet. Looking forward to next week.

  6. Great idea! I would like to see Main Idea Mania and Daily Calendar Routine offered as a freebies. Can't wait till next week.


  7. Woohoo! I would like the Daily Calendar Routine or Morning Basket work bundle offered next week! So excited for this!