Sunday, June 23, 2013

CCSS Assessment Giveaway Winners and Monster Decor Freebie

I have the three winners from my CCSS Mega Pack Giveaway. The winners are:

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I will be emailing these lucky people in a little bit to get their prizes to them! I wanted to give a little freebie away too for all of my sweet followers. My sister is doing a monster theme and asked me to create a classroom decor set for her. I just finished it up and posted it to my TPT shop.

This is what all is included for just $4.00:

Color Posters

Teacher Table Sign + 5 Student Table Numbers {Can add more if you need it}

Star Student Certificates

 Happy Birthday Certificates

Letter and Number Cards {Capital, lower case, and capital with lower case versions-numbers 1-26}

 Classroom Job cards {Will add jobs if you need different ones}

Months of the year posters {5 options/sizes}

 Student Name/Desk Tags

Monster Students Sign {2 sizes}
Days of the week posters
Alphabet Posters {2 size options}

Behavior Clipchart

Number/Number Words posters 1-26 {2 options}

If there is anything that you need adjusted to fit your classroom I will be happy to change things. So I said earlier that I wanted to give away a little freebie so click the picture below to download a set of the month posters. If you like what you see click here to purchase the whole pack!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Common Core Assessments Mega Pack Giveaway

Earlier this month I posted about my new ELA Assessment pack. You can read all about that here. I have since created a packet for math and also made a mega pack that contains both math and ELA assessments to help save a little {$3.50 to be exact}. In each individual pack as well as the mega pack you will get full size color standard posters:

Mini colored "I can" posters for students:

Tracking sheets for individual students as well as trackers for the whole class:
And assessments for every single ELA or Math 2nd grade common core standard. Some even have multiple assessment options:

So, as I said you can purchase the individual packets or save $3.50 and purchase the mega pack by clicking on the pictures below. Keep reading on to see how you can win the mega pack : )

Now as much as I would love for you to purchase the pack I would also love to give some away. Enter below for your chance to win. First place will win the mega pack and second and third place will win their choice of either the math or the ELA pack. Good Luck!!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ELA Assessments

Man, I just realized it's been while since I've posted. We have actually been out of school since last week. I found out I have to move classrooms which stinks! I LOVE the room I'm in now. Let me tell ya my room has it goin' on. It is HUGE, has 2 bathrooms, a sink, a wall full of windows looking into a field, and a super large closet with tons of shelves. I'm being moved to a room half the size, no bathrooms, no sink, no storage, no windows (besides a square in the window that looks out to the portables). Needless to say I have been super upset and super busy moving all of my stuff and not to mention I had my huge room's walls covered from floor to ceiling with bulletin boards, posters, a tissue paper tree for my reading center and so much more that I had to tear down. The reason behind all of this is that the school wants all grade levels on the same hallway, which makes sense, but geez louise why do I have to be the one to move?!?! I do have an interview at a school closer to home tomorrow so say a little prayer for me for that.

Now to get to the reason for this post. I just finished creating my 2nd Grade ELA Common Core Assessments pack for TPT.

I used this for my students this past year and loved it. I have a notebook where I keep everything organized to monitor the student's mastery of common core skills. There are tracking sheets for each individual student that I keep separated by tabs in the notebook and a tracking sheet where you can keep up with all of the class on one page.

I also included common core full size color posters and a smaller version of "I Can" posters for students.

There is a version of the full size poster without the picture or color to use as dividers in your notebook. I have this in my notebook with the assessment that goes with it right behind for easy access.

This was such a life saver for me this past year. It totally helped keep me organized and I knew which students needed more practice and which needed it completely retaught. It really helped for grouping students too. Hope you have a great start to your summer vacation. Try not to think of school too much! Ha! Who are we kidding?!?! We're teachers, it's ALL we think of!