Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ELA Assessments

Man, I just realized it's been while since I've posted. We have actually been out of school since last week. I found out I have to move classrooms which stinks! I LOVE the room I'm in now. Let me tell ya my room has it goin' on. It is HUGE, has 2 bathrooms, a sink, a wall full of windows looking into a field, and a super large closet with tons of shelves. I'm being moved to a room half the size, no bathrooms, no sink, no storage, no windows (besides a square in the window that looks out to the portables). Needless to say I have been super upset and super busy moving all of my stuff and not to mention I had my huge room's walls covered from floor to ceiling with bulletin boards, posters, a tissue paper tree for my reading center and so much more that I had to tear down. The reason behind all of this is that the school wants all grade levels on the same hallway, which makes sense, but geez louise why do I have to be the one to move?!?! I do have an interview at a school closer to home tomorrow so say a little prayer for me for that.

Now to get to the reason for this post. I just finished creating my 2nd Grade ELA Common Core Assessments pack for TPT.

I used this for my students this past year and loved it. I have a notebook where I keep everything organized to monitor the student's mastery of common core skills. There are tracking sheets for each individual student that I keep separated by tabs in the notebook and a tracking sheet where you can keep up with all of the class on one page.

I also included common core full size color posters and a smaller version of "I Can" posters for students.

There is a version of the full size poster without the picture or color to use as dividers in your notebook. I have this in my notebook with the assessment that goes with it right behind for easy access.

This was such a life saver for me this past year. It totally helped keep me organized and I knew which students needed more practice and which needed it completely retaught. It really helped for grouping students too. Hope you have a great start to your summer vacation. Try not to think of school too much! Ha! Who are we kidding?!?! We're teachers, it's ALL we think of!

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