Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Similes and Classroom pictures

Today I decided to use a springtime activity. I came across one from a packet I purchased on TPT and adapted it to work for my class. We finger painted rainbows and cut out clouds then glued pieces of cotton balls on the them. My kiddos then wrote a simile for each color of the rainbow. They turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself. Check out our pictures.

I have been working oober hard in my classroom organizing and making new things to decorate the walls. I wanted to share some pics. I'll keep posting pics throughout the rest of the year as I get things up. Here are few for now.

This is my classroom helper board. The fish bowls have the job and then the little fishys have the kids names. We change weekly. This cute little set came from the Dollar Tree. Gotta love the Dollar Tree!!

This is our new writer's wall. I found these adorable writer's eyes mini posters on pinterest. Click on the picture to get yours.

This is our behavior clip chart. I can't remember where I got this idea but I just typed the words (Outstanding, Great Job, Good Job, Ready To Learn, Slow Down, Think About It, and Parent Contact) and glued them on construction paper. I have each student put a calendar in their take home folder and at the end of the day they use a crayon and put an "X" on that date's box with whatever color they were on. The parent's have to initial the box too. Oh and when I took this pic the kids had already left for the day. I usually have a lot more students on blue and purple. Pink is saved for very special situations.

My kids really struggle to remember the parts of speech, especially adjective and adverb so I wanted a board dedicated to just that. You can get my posters at my TPT store for just $1. Just click on the pic.

Now I really need to go organize my pinterest page so that's all for now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Main Idea Winner

I don't have a lot of time today but I wanted to announce the lucky winner of my Main Idea Packet. I still have yet to figure out or find someone to help me figure out I try to register for the free random picker and it tells me I must add money to register. I thought was free??? Anywho, I did use the one they have on the side of the web page and it selected...................#3 which is Kelly B aka Queen B. I will be e-mailing you your prize soon. Keep watching for my Pirate Parts of Speech giveaway coming up!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Parts of Speech and Time

Well I finally finished my Pirate Parts of Speech packet for TPT. I'm actually pretty proud of this one. (That is what I say every time, but I feel like each thing I make gets better). Click on the picture to download the preview.

Here is what all it comes with:
- X marks the spot treasure hunt (whole class, small group, partners, or individual) that covers verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, proper nouns, and pronouns
- stand up stand up for the parts of speech whole class game that covers adverbs, nouns, verbs, and adjectives
- heave ho change o flip sheet where students must rewrite a sentence by changing any common nouns to proper nouns
- part of speech sort (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs) with 2 corresponding sheets
- file folder game covering nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
- action adverbs 2 player game
- adjective craftivity
- 4 mini posters with songs for noun, verb, adjective, and adverb
- nounin' around whole class game

On another note, I also threw together this estimating time activity that I wanted to share with you. The little ones just read each activity and put down their estimated time. Then they get with a partner and time each other actually doing the activity. Click the pic to get your copy.

Don't forget to enter my Main Idea Packet Giveaway that ends tomorrow. Just go the previous post for more details on how to enter. Have a Great Weekend!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Main Idea Packet Giveaway

It is spring break here in TN for me and it is beautiful outside so I'm in a good mood. I figured since I'm in such a good mood I would have a little giveaway of my Main Idea Packet from TPT. Click on the picture below to download a preview. Here is how you can enter. First you must comment on this post only and let me know that you are a follower of my blog AND my TPT store. If you want double entry post my giveaway on your blog and leave me a link to it and I will enter you twice. This giveaway will run all week so you have until Sunday at midnight to enter.

Here is what the packet includes:
Mini posters (2 versions for you to use what you like best)
Rain cloud craftivity with templates
Monkey craftivity with templates and story written by me
Main idea grab game for 4 players
Cut and sort
Main idea and supporting detail matching pair color


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have been studying contractions this week. I have been using Cara's Crazy for Contraction packet from TPT. Here are some pictures of our contraction crocodiles. The kids loved this.

This is the one I made. I laminated it and used Velcro to attach the words so I can change them out. If you can't see they are words such as does not, he will, it is, etc. Please excuse the glare. The sun was shining bright here in TN today : )

 The kids then made their own mini crocs and had to take the words on my crocs belly and write the contraction on their crocs belly. So Cute!

I also made a St. Patrick's Day contraction match freebie for you as well. Click the picture to download yours. There is an easier and harder version. Enjoy!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Parts of Speech

I have been wanting some cute parts of speech posters to put up on my walls, so I decided to just make some myself. I am selling them on TPT for only $1. There is a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb mini poster. I am really working hard to get followers on my blog and TPT store so if you become a follower of both and leave me a comment that you are on this post only with your email address, I will send them to you for free. You have to be a follower of both though. Click here to be taken to my store to become a follower. Here are what they look like.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Freebie

I have been working on a St. Patrick's Day Freebie for you. The first one is a prefix/suffix page. Just cut the cloud off and have the kiddos match them back. The next one is a verb tense page. One page is blank so you can add your own. Just click on either picture to get both. I am also trying to get more followers on my TPT store. I have dropped the prices on the few things I have for sale on there right now. There are also several free things. Please stop by and give me a vote if you download something!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Blog Award and Giveaway Winner

First, I have to thank Krista at The Second Grade Superkids for adding me to her top 10 super blog award. This is the first award I have received since I started blogging. Check out her site. She is awesome herself!

Next, I have to announce the winner of my cause and effect giveaway. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to use and get everyone entered, so I entered everyone into a program I have at school called "The Hat" that randomly picks names. If you can tell me how to host giveaways and get everyone entered into a random picker without having to enter every name one by one PLEASE comment and let me know how you do it. Anywho, I was in a good mood, so I chose 2. Run Teacher Run and Heather aka HoJo are the lucky winners. Please comment and let me know what email address to send your prize.
I was told about an awesome site where you can post your giveaways.
I am loving this and will more than likely be doing another giveaway very soon of my main idea packet just so I can use this site. So keep watching for that. I will also have some St. Patrick's Day freebies later this week.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Main Idea Packet For Sale

My main idea packet is now for sale on tpt. It comes with mini posters (2 versions for you to use what you like best), rain cloud craftivity with templates, monkey craftivity with templates and story written by me, main idea grab game for 4 players, cut and sort, main idea and supporting detail matching pair color. Click here to be taken to the packet. Below is a preview of the story. Just click on the picture. In the post below are pictures of the craftivities.