Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Monster Freebies

If you read my last post you saw my monster themed daily 5 posters. I made a couple of more for EEKK, I Pick, and 3 ways to read a book that you can get for free here at TN and here at TPT.

Also, since I don't have a lot to post today I wanted to share what has made my summer the most awesome beautiful 10 month old baby girl Tinley. How can you love someone soooooo stinkin' much?!?!? Notice the last picture. She got kinda tired shopping with me for my classroom.

Happy Thursday!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily 5 Freebie

Sorry I have not written very much this summer. I am changing my room theme to owls so I have been busy busy in my room. I forgot my camera last time I was there, so I'm going to take it back and get some pictures to show you and I'll be letting you know where I got most of my stuff. I found a lot of it for free from other lovely bloggers so stay tuned for that.

My sister is doing a monster theme in her room and asked if I would make her some monster themed daily 5 and cafe posters. I thought I would share them with you. Click here to get them for free from TN and here for TPT. Here is a preview. Enjoy!

Make sure you check out an awesome giveaway at Finally in First. She is giving away her decoding strategies packet. I really hope I win this!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Updated Blog and Giveaway

Hey there! Hope yall's summer has been wonderful. I know mine is going by way too fast. Well, I finally broke down and had a blog template designed instead of using a free one. I love it! What do you think? I also decided if I was updating my template I would update my blog name as well, so I said goodbye to Second Grade Perks and came up with The Perky Teacher. One of the main reasons for this was when you buy a blog template they charge you if you change your blog name to change it for you on your template. I thought, well what if I swap grade levels (fingers crossed that doesn't happen) and then my blog is called Second Grade Perks. So anywho I came up with The Perky Teacher (since my last name is Perkins).

On to the BIG giveaway. I was invited by Casey with Second Grade Math Maniac to join in on a huge giveaway. There are 26 prizes. I am giving away one of my common core packets (Numbers and Operations in Base Ten). Click here to check it out.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Warm-Ups and Teacher's Notebook

I first wanted to let you kow that I recently opened a Teacher's Notebook Shop. Head on over and check it out if you get a chance and become a follower. It has all the same items as my TPT store, but I know some of you may prefer one over the other.

I have been wanting something to start my day off with that has meaning. I came up with Daily Common Core Math Warm-Ups. The way I designed it is 3 questions per day that covers the math common core standards. There are enough for a full school year. I thought what better way to introduce new skills the kiddos have never seen before. That way when we get to that skill in the year it won't be brand new to them. They will already have the basic concept down, making my job much easier. Also, if it is a skill I have already covered that's ok too because you know you always have those one or two students that did not get it the first time and it refreshes their memory on an old skill instead of teaching it once and forgetting to ever go back to it again.

The way I plan to use it is put the 3 questions up on my overhead in the morning (easy enough) and then have them bring their answers to morning meeting where I can then have mini lessons on the topics covered. If you hop on over to my TPT store you can pick it up. I want to do something a little special for my blog followers soooooo if you purchase my new math warm ups and send me a comment on this blog post that you did, you can pick any other item in my shop that is the same price or lower to be sent to you for free. So in your comment leave the item you want and your email.

Now I know this concept is not a new one, but I wanted it to be aligned to the common core standards since that is what I will be teaching next year, so I just created my own. Here are some sample pages. Click here to be taken to the product page at my TPT store and here for TN.

I have also been invited to join in a big giveaway soon. Keep watching for more details on that. Have a great Fourth of July!!!!

One more thing I had to come back and add. Learning is Something to Treasure is having a HUGE awesome giveaway with 19 prizes. I just entered. Hope you do too!