Monday, July 16, 2012

Updated Blog and Giveaway

Hey there! Hope yall's summer has been wonderful. I know mine is going by way too fast. Well, I finally broke down and had a blog template designed instead of using a free one. I love it! What do you think? I also decided if I was updating my template I would update my blog name as well, so I said goodbye to Second Grade Perks and came up with The Perky Teacher. One of the main reasons for this was when you buy a blog template they charge you if you change your blog name to change it for you on your template. I thought, well what if I swap grade levels (fingers crossed that doesn't happen) and then my blog is called Second Grade Perks. So anywho I came up with The Perky Teacher (since my last name is Perkins).

On to the BIG giveaway. I was invited by Casey with Second Grade Math Maniac to join in on a huge giveaway. There are 26 prizes. I am giving away one of my common core packets (Numbers and Operations in Base Ten). Click here to check it out.


  1. Here you are, Heather!
    Hope this helps, thanks!

  2. very cute blog! Love the new name.