Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's Snowing Common Core {Giveaway}

I have just completed my "It's Snowing Common Core Math and Literacy Centers}" It covers some of the common core standards for math and language arts. There are 5 math and 5 language centers, all with answer keys so kids can play independently and most have a corresponding recording sheet.

Here is what's all included and some pictures.

Greater Than A Snowman (greater than, less than, equal to)
Adding and Subtracting Elves (single and double digit options)
Even or Odd Gumdrops (ties together money and even/odd)
Measuring Christmas (estimation, actual measurement, and comparing)
Numbering Santa (expanded, word, and number forms)
Gingerbread Compounds
Mr. and Mrs. Contraction Claus
The Great Elf Race(determining meaning of unknown word)
Fixin' Up The Birds (capitalization, punctuation, homophones, abbreviations)
Sort That Noun (singular, possessive, plural)

So, how do you get it for free you ask?? Just be the first two people to pin the packet to Pinterest and leave a comment on this post with the link to your pin and email address and I will send it to you FREE. You can just click here and repin. Simple! Hope you have a great (short) week at school!


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  2. I can't pin from this computer! I know someone else will beat me to it, but I will pin just to get home and post that I did. Man!

    1. If you pin when you get home you can be the second!

  3. It looks great! Thanks for sharing.


  4. This looks so cute!

  5. LOVE it!

  6. Looks great, Heather! Lots of good activities - love that they are Common Core aligned. Thanks for sharing about it! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

  7. I am late, but I finally came home. It's okay. Here's my pin:)