Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Point of View and Christmas Around the World Help

We are covering the common core standard this week that deals with point of view. (Can't remember the exact standard number). First we read Two Bad Ants and discussed the world from an ant's point of view.
If you google ant's point of view under images you can show them some really cool pictures of what different things look like to an ant. After we read the book we filled out this chart describing various objects from a person's point of view verses an ant's point of view.

Next, the kids drew a picture of any object they wanted and what it would look like to an ant. They had to label and describe their picture. We made these cute ants to glue on the pictures. I made the templates for the ants and realized after I made copies and they glued them on that the ants are way too big for the pictures. So, next time I do this I will just give them a black piece of paper and let them design their ant. It's really just circles and rectangles for the body and legs.

The next day we read Authur's Pet Business (You could complete this with any book really that has 2 characters). We used Arthur and D.W. as the two characters to compare and completed this character perspective chart.
You can click here to download both of these charts.
Now for the Christmas Around the World help! My school does a door decoration contest and I was pumped because how many cute door decorations are on Pinterest now?? A TON! Well this year they decided each grade level would draw a theme and 2nd grade's theme is Christmas Around the World. I am stuck-like have no idea where to begin stuck. If you have any ideas at all please send them my way. Thanks!!

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  1. Love that book! Well, I like anything written by Chris Van Allsburg haha. It is such a fun one to read to students.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade