Friday, April 13, 2012

Reading Strategy Freebie and Descriptive Writing

We have been working on descriptive writing this week and did this adorable writing activity. I gave each student a bag of rock pops. You should have seen some of their faces when the candy started popping. Too funny! We made a list of words that described what they candy looked like, felt like, tasted like, and sounded like. They then used their list to write a descriptive piece. They made cute little people to attach to their writing and we hung them in the hall with the title "Let's Get Pop Rockin'." Pretty sure this was something I saw on Pinterest or TPT. Not sure. Here are some pics.

I have also been wanting something for my kids to refer to when they get stuck on a word other than raising their hand to tell me they don't know what a word is. I saw a poster that had some strategies so I turned it into a bookmark so that each child can keep one right in their book. Click the picture to download yours.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for your great ideas! I am new to blogger and having a blast! If you are interested in integrating technology into your classroom, maybe stop by my blog! I am your new follower!