Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Onomatopoeia, Quotations, and Even and Odd

Today we read some poetry and talked about onomatopoeias. I had the kids make some cute pictures, which I'm sure everyone has done before, but I wanted to share some of my favs.

Then we worked on quotation marks. We wrote sentences and then used noodles as the quotation marks.

Not sure what an oxper is?? Ha Ha

The other thing we did today is something I am super excited about. I am working on a common core math center packet for TPT. I am planning on making one for each of the four major areas. I am working on the one now for operations and algebraic thinking. I tried one of the activities out with my class today. It is called Mr. Even and Mrs. Odd. Here are some pics. You'll have to purchase the packet when I finish to get the full version and other great goodies to go along with the common core standards.

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