Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Organization ~ Weekend Warriors ~ Day Two

Welcome to day two of October organization. If you didn't see my post yesterday on classroom organization you can check it out {HERE}. Plus make sure you get the Halloween skip counting puzzle freebie.

Before I forget we have a new Weekend Warrior Pinterest board that you will certainly want to follow for some great ideas!

Today I am going to share some organizational tips that I have not yet done myself but are on my to do list. These are for around the home.

The first thing is this awesome way to store flip flops. If you're like me you have a ton of them but they are all over the closet floor. Look at this neat little idea.

To go with all of my flip flops I of course have a ton of tank tops. Instead of using a zillion hangers or all of my drawer space I want to try this. Use a towel hanger and slide em right on.

In yesterday's post I told you I would show you how I organize my reading block, specifically small group time. This idea is super simple it just took me actually getting it together but it makes my guided reading/math life so much easier. I used a crate and hanging folders to organize all of my group materials. Each group has their own color folder and I keep two sets in the crate. One has materials for this week and the ones behind have their materials for next week . Most weeks we use close reading passages in our small groups. 

The huge binders separate my math and reading sections. Click {HERE} to download the binder labels. You can't see but in front of the binders is another hanging folder that stores the materials I need for all groups such as my schedule of who meets when, reading strategy cards that I printed 4/page on, laminated, and put on a ring{I got them HERE from Cara Carroll}light pointers {Read that post HERE}, and my response sticks

I also promised a reading freebie yesterday too. If you like my facebook page you get my reading response sticks for free. There is a 1st and 2nd grade version. Just click on more at the top and then fan freebies!


  1. These are great tips for home and school. I love the idea of organizing tanks that way! I never thought to keep binders with files in a crate. I'll have to try that now that I am on a binder organizing mission. Thanks for sharing!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

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