Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Teaching Text Features and Neat Guided Reading Tool

If you are teaching text features you should show your students this video {HERE}. It is the cutest little song to the SpongeBob tune. It also has this adorable mini poster to go with it.

In my previous posts I explained how I do guided reading and guided math in my room. I discovered these awesome finger lights that the kids use to follow along while we read in our small groups. It really helps me because I have them whisper read as I listen so I can tell right where they are when I start to listen to them. Let me tell ya......they LOVE these things. I was the coolest teacher after introducing these today. The best thing about them is the fact that I got 40 for only $6 from Amazon.

We have also been working on sequencing and wrote about how to build a snowman. I have seen this cute craft floating around Pinterest and always wanted to use it so I figured what better time than now!

Hope it is warm where you are. We were at ZERO degrees on the way to school this morning. BRRRRRR!!!!

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