Friday, January 24, 2014

Guided Math and February Free For All

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I was changing my schedule up and explained the way the first part of my day went, which was basically my reading block. You can read that post {HERE}

I am back today to explain how the second part of my day goes and how I do guided math in my room. Which by the way I LOVE it!

I start my math block with alternating every other day using this Common Core Daily Calendar Routine. You can read about how this works {HERE}

And these Common Core Math Warm Ups which we use our desk and dry erase markers to write answers. There is a short post about those {HERE}

On Mondays we don't do either though. I use this day to introduce all of the games they will be playing throughout the week so when they go to play they won't be totally lost.

We then have a 10 minute mini lesson before we bust out into our rotations.

Here is what my guided reading rotation board looks like.

The numbers across the top are the rotation number and the numbers down the side are the group numbers. The group signs on the right have their number with Velcro so they know what group they are in. As I said above I do four 15-20 minute rotations each day. The shapes say "Teacher Time" "Own My Own" "Math Games/Manipulatives" and "Practice Math Facts." Teacher time of course is with me. On my own is a workbook page or some type of page that covers the skill from the mini lesson. Notice the smaller rectangle below the blue octagon? That is blank and I write what page number in their workbook or whatever it is I want them to work on. For practice math facts we use Fast Math which is awesome but I think we are about to switch to MobyMax. For math games we use games that cover various skills. For example, this week we used the math center games from my Frost Smitten Centers.

At the end of the rotation I ring a bell and they know to clean up and quickly check the board to go to their next rotation. The first week we did it, they were awesome. They caught on so quick.

If you use Envision for math {HERE} is a pacing guide my district sent us with the lessons that align from common core along with several other lessons and activities that I use during teacher time.

And that's it! Super easy...Super fun!

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Happy Weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing about your math rotations. I started more small group instruction a few weeks ago and am amazed how how well my kiddos are able to handle the rotations!

    Success in Second Grade
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  2. My school switched to EnVision last year after a few years of writing our own curriculum. So far we have followed it pretty much as designed, but we're trying now to align it with the CCSS, so I'm very interested in your pacing guide. What is the "investigations" resource that is referenced?

    1. The investigations is a separate box of materials. I'm not sure if it came with Envision or if my school bought it along with Envision. It is a box of 8 units that are spiral bound. At my school I didn't even know we had them until a few weeks ago. Only our team leader had them-not each individual teacher.