Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beginning, Middle, End

Last week we started covering beginning, middle, and end. For some reason I love teaching this skill. Maybe it's because they get it so much faster than some others such as main idea.

Here are a few things we did to practice this skill.

We used Amy Lemon's Henry and Mudge pack and created these BME food bowls. What kid doesn't love Henry and Mudge and then this craft made it even better.

We then read one of my childhood favorites Henry's Awful Mistake and the kids wrote the BME on the piece of construction paper. I had them draw the beginning and end on a white piece and the middle on the green piece in the middle. They were so proud of their finished product that we just had to put these up in the hall.

Here are a couple of super cute BME ideas for the season we are quickly coming upon. If you want a template for the candy corn click {HERE} for the bat click {HERE}

This is my fall break and I am enjoying every minute of it. Hope if you are on your fall break this week that it has been fantastic for you!


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