Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Surprise Finally Revealed!

If you follow me on facebook you have probably noticed that something great is coming your way. Well it's finally here. Some wonderful blogging buddies and I have collaborated on a brand new blog just for you called Primary Powers. We will be posting something new for you each day. Our theme is super heroes and for each bloggers first post they will be offering a freebie with a super hero theme just as a thank you to you for checking out our new blog.

And the news gets even better because we are celebrating the launch of Primary Powers with an exclusive deal with Educents!

21 instant downloads, over 1,000 pages of materials that are ready to use, and variety of topics to pull your through months of teaching!  $100.75 retail value available for a limited time for $29.99 which is 70% off!  Extreme value alert!

Concepts covered are:  addition, subtraction, graphing, time, money, reading, fluency, spelling, writing, close reading, grammar, story element in fiction and nonfiction, and much, much more!  

Products are thematically correct for the upcoming seasons!  
- spiders and camping for October
- turkeys, Thanksgiving, scarecrows for November
- winter, penguins, the holidays, and New Years for December

Other great items include:
- a calendar that could be used as a parent gift
- a data folder to track student growth
- literacy and math centers
- printables
- units of study

Check out the previews below...   

And still that is not all. If you fill out the form {HERE} you can get $10 off. So you could actually get this amazing bundle for just $19.99. So make sure you check out this bundle of products and our brand new blog Primary Powers because there is even more..........

Check out these amazing prizes you can enter to win:


So I know that was a whole lot of goodness right there so to recap.........if you want to check out the Educents bundle click {HERE} and click {HERE} to get the $10 off form. If you want to enter the mega giveaway click {HERE}.

Good Luck!


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