Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Organization ~ Weekend Warriors ~ Day One

Thanks for joining us Weekend Warriors for day one of October Organization. I hope you can get some ideas from this post for becoming more organized. These are just a few of things I do in my classroom to help myself stay put together.

This summer I decided to get my reading center organized. I made the READ posters and just bought dollar store frames to hang them in. If you want the posters click {HERE}. I got white baskets from the Dollar Tree and bought some chevron tape to make the book baskets. The chalkboard labels have the book levels that are in the basket. I would share those but they are specific to the levels of books in each of my baskets. The boxes on top are our Daily 5 boxes. These boxes are wonderful to keep my students organized. It holds everything they need when they go to their Daily 5 choices.They grab their box and on the wall behind the boxes I put a long strip of masking tape and put their number where their box goes so they know right where to put it. I wasn't sure this would work but it has!

Being organized means that right now I am planned and have copies made for at least the next two weeks. This is how I store my future copies. Simple and cheap, my two favorite words. I took two magazine boxes and cut file folders in half to make dividers. Behind each is the copies for that day.

On Fridays I take the copies from the box and move them to this pocket chart from Scholastic. I have Monday - Friday sections and I just slide the copies in. This way I can look at it during the day to see if I forgot to pass something out or use something I wanted for a specific lesson.

Here is how I organize my monthly materials. I bought 5 large tubs from Wal-Mart and keep two months in each. Sorry about the sloppy picture. My cabinets are not the nicest.

In the tubs I just keep one month on one side and the other month on the other side. As you can see on the right (Short/Long Vowel game) I use large clasp envelopes and laminate the student directions to the front so I can just pull them each month and stick them in a center.

As a thank you for checking out my blog today you can get a fan freebie from my facebook page. Just click on the facebook button below and click on more then fan freebies to download.

 It is a set of skip counting puzzles with a Halloween theme.

Make sure you check out these other great blogs for more October Organization and stop back by tomorrow to see how I organize my reading and math block. Plus if you do, you can snatch up another freebie for reading groups.


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  2. I am totally a visual person and I can see your pocket chart idea working perfectly for me. I enjoyed reading your post Heather! Thank you for the wonderful tips about ways to get organized!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. You have so many amazing organizational ideas all in one place! I love your reading center. All your hard work over the summer paid off!

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