Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time for Multiplication

We recently ended our unit on multiplication. I felt great after we tested because ALL of my students mastered the skill! YEAH!! I wanted to share with you a little of what we did. Some of it was from my little multiplication unit from my TPT shop and some activities are from the well known Amy Lemons. On the first day we learned the words we would need to know by reviewing these mini posters.

Next, we made our marvelous multiplication bulletin board. The students got a mushroom template and added the groups to create a multiplication sentence.
The following day we went into the hallway and they had to answer each of their peers' multiplication sentence.
 We made multiplication hands.

 One day we made multiplication fry boxes. We laid these out on our desks and rotated around to everyone's desk and wrote the answer to each multiplication sentence.

 In our small group we played this array game. Students get to place birds on the grid and make an array that could be up to 5 X 5.

 Next, they had to use number cards to create the multiplication and repeated addition sentence and include the answer at the bottom.

 We did some more fun games and crafts for the remainder of the week and did I mention that all of my students mastered the skill. Just a little proud of my babies for that one!

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  1. With all those fabulous activities, no wonder your kids are multiplication masters! Congratulations!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers