Monday, April 22, 2013

The Great Product Swap {Raining Three Digit Operations}

It's that time again.....The Great Product Swap.

I had the great privilege of swapping products with Jessica from Apples and Papers. She let me try her product Raining Three Digit Operations and let me tell you it is pretty stinkin' awesome!!

There are several small group activities such as Leveling Up where students race to complete a problem and be the one to move up levels being the first one to reach level six. The kids loved the racing part.

Another super cute game was connect four. I laminated the playing boards and had mine answer all problems with a dry erase marker and then play to get four in a row.

 One of my favs from the packet was a spinner game where students spin a hundreds, tens, and ones, spinner to create two three digit numbers to add or subtract.

There were also some whole group activities that get the kiddos up and moving such as I Spy With My Subtracting Eye where kids go around the room solving subtracting problems.
Also included but I didn't get a picture of is a Scoot game and a Show What You Know page I used as an assessment. I loved how there were small and whole group activities included. Overall a hit with my second graders!!

Make sure you check out Jessica's blog tonight. She is reviewing one of my best selling products: Common Core Language.

Now I have to get busy checking out all of the other product reviews!

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