Monday, January 28, 2013

Beginning, Middle, and End

Last week we focused on beginning, middle, and end. I'll share with you what we did each day last week. First, we read some books together and on chart paper wrote the BME as a class just so they could get the idea. On Monday we listened to Alligator Baby here. By the way, if you didn't know about this site you have been missing out. Robert Munsch reads all of his books online. The kids LOVE it. So we listened to that and then we used Amy Lemon's Teaching With Robert Munsch packet and wrote about the BME.

The next day we read Wemberly Worried and they wrote about the BME again. This time we made a cute little Wemberly to hang with our writing. You can get the template for Wemberly here.
On Wednesday we read Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend. This idea came from Amy Lemons. I just made the templates for Mudge and as a class we wrote about the BME on big dog bones.

On the final day I read a story to them from our classroom library called Oink? and they wrote in their ELA spirals about the BME for a grade.  Well, that about covers our BME week. Hope you had a restful weekend!

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