Saturday, January 12, 2013

Safari Adventure

I have really wanted to start doing themes in my room, so I created a safari adventure for my class when we came back after winter break. I love doing crafts, so I included one with each reading lesson in the packet. This packet is now uploaded in my TPT shop.

 I just wanted to share some pictures from our week and tell a little about what we did. Monday we got in the safari mood by making little safari people with binoculars. We put them around our safari jeep that my hubby drew for me.

Also, on day 1 we read a story about a monkey and a crocodile and completed a page about the moral of the story. We made crocodiles to hang with our papers.
Day 2 we read Giraffes Can't Dance and Everyone Need a Friend and make a class Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the main ideas. We made these adorable giraffes to decorate our diagram.


On day 3 we read two stories about lions and the kiddos completed their own Venn Diagram to compare for a grade. Of course, we had to make cute lions to go with our work.


Day 4 we read a story about an elephant and highlighted adjectives. We wrote our own stories about an elephant with our own adjectives and made an elephant to go with the story.

Day 5 we read a story about a snake and found all of the plural nouns that were spelled wrong and highlighted them. Then we made a snake and put our own plural nouns along his body and hug them from the room.

Also throughout the week we worked on prefixes and suffixes and mental addition and subtraction. There are some center games in the packet for these skills too. Here are a couple of the pictures of those.

Throughout the whole week we worked in small groups on an animal research papers. Each group was assigned a different animal.

Sorry to overload you with pictures, but I was just so darn happy about how everything came out and how much fun we had. Go to my TPT shop and download the preview to see a full listing of what is included and how it aligns to each CCSS. All of the templates are included in the packet along with links to all of the stories online if you don't have the books.

Now here is a way for you to get it for free. I tried this a few weeks ago and want to give it a try again. The first 3 people to comment on this post can have the packet for free if you do one thing: use the packet in your class, take lots of pictures, and blog about it by the end of the first week in Feb. The only thing required is that you have at least 200 followers. Just comment with your email address and the link to your blog!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Holey moley! Cutest crafts I've seen in a while. Egg cartons, toilet-paper rolls, pasta - how creative :) Thanks for sharing, Heather!

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  2. Wow! This is super cute! I'd love to but I don't have 200 followers yet :(
    I love how creative all of your crafts are! Everything looks great!


  3. Looks like fun! Wish I had 200 followers so I could help you out!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons