Friday, January 4, 2013

Addition Pocket Book

Since the beginning of the year we have, of course, been practicing and testing on our basic math facts. Every Friday we test over the fact we are on and if we miss one or less we move up to the next number. Now, I know some of those parents out there forget all about studying these facts throughout the week so I came up with a pocket book to help them remember and to provide the kids with a way to study. First we took 2 pieces of construction paper and folded one like a hot dog. Then we slid the other sheet in like this:

Next you just fold it in half to make the book and add some staples to the sides. I just found an addition table I liked on Google and sized it to fit four on a page and they fit perfect on the front.

We glued an addition table to the front and I highlighted each fact they have mastered. This front page is titled My Goal.

On the inside pockets we wrote Practicing and Ready To Test. Each child made little flashcards for the fact they are on and they keep those in the practicing pocket. On Thursday night if the parents and child feel they are ready to test they move their flashcards to the ready to test pocket.

If they pass those facts on Friday they get to move those cards to the back pocket that says ready to celebrate. At the end of the day all kiddos that passed get a small celebration party.

We just started this when we came back this week, but they love having their own little book. I am hoping it also gets them to study a little harder. We can hope right?!?!