Friday, February 1, 2013

Sale and Addition Bridges

I went to a training this past week and was shown this adorable idea for centers or early finishers. The best thing about it is you can differentiate it. So all you need are 3 cut outs of something (I used hot chocolate mugs for January) and craft sticks and counters (I used white craft poms for marshmallows). Lay the 3 mugs out and take a handful of the poms and lay any amount on each mug. This tells you what numbers to write on your sticks. The numbers in the middle of the stick have to equal that amount when you add the poms. You also write A, B, and C on the sticks so they know how to lay them out. I feel like I did not explain that well so here is my example:

2 poms plus 5 poms equals 7 poms for A and C, 2 poms plus 7 poms equals 9 poms for B and C and so on. On the backs of the craft sticks you can write in a different color and make them harder. I just thought this was really neat. I made a template for some cuter mugs for January and set of for February. If you want to download these templates for free click here. In Feb. I was thinking of using the candy hearts instead of the poms. If you have any ideas for the other months let me know and I'll try to come up with a set for those as well. I was thinking clovers for March but not sure what to use for the counters. Hmmmmm???

Also, as if you didn't already know, there is a big sale going on at TPT (Feb. 3rd) and TN (Feb. 2-3). You can enjoy 20% off of my TPT shop and 25% off of my TN shop on these days. Plus if you use the code SUPER at TPT can you get another 10% off.

Were any of you lucky enough to get out for snow today??? I was!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!

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