Thursday, February 14, 2013 and Morning Baskets for Spring

First, I wanted to tell you that I have uploaded my Morning Basket Work for March and April to my TPT store. It is the same as my January and February edition but for spring. If you missed the post about that and how I use it in my room click here.

The next thing on my list to tell you is that I stumbled upon this amazing site the other day called that has lesson plans for all kinds of reading topics. Just to name a few there is main idea, plot, setting, sequence, cause and effect, fact and opinion and the list keeps going. When you click on a topic it will take you to a page with lessons for each grade level. I loved this so I could differentiate. You pick the grade level you want and there are usually 3 lessons for each topic. It even has a tab so you can see which common core standard it aligns to. I LOVED it!!

Hope you can use it too! Have a great weekend!!

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