Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Planning Giveaway Stop A-8

Are you in the process of getting things planned for winter for your classroom? If so, you are at the right place today my friend because I am one stop on a chain of stops to get you some awesome winter freebies.

In this giveaway everyone wins and here's how it works. The first thing you need to do is follow me on Bloglovin by clicking the link on the picture. You can also follow my facebook page by clicking {HERE} You never know when I may post a fan only freebie!

You will obtain a secret code word at each stop you make. In the end you will submit a form with your secret code and in just a short time you will be emailed all of the amazing prizes.

Look at all of this that could be yours!

The secret word you will need from my stop is:

The prize I have offered is my morning work for January and February.

This is part of a year long bundle. Just a few weeks ago I posted about how I use this in my classroom but in case you missed it here is what that post said:


Tomorrow we have to have a sub for the morning so we can attend a writing training. As I started to write my sub plans the first thing I listed was morning work. All I had to write was they come in and do their morning work and they all know what to do. It felt great, so I decided to snap some pictures to show you what I use and explain to you why I am in LOVE with our routine. First, every table in my class has their own morning work basket with a number on in.

Inside of the baskets are all of the materials they will need for the whole week. (We rotate baskets each week). These materials are a ring with 5 morning work task cards all aligned to CCSS, books, morning work sheets, and a bag with their name for unfinished morning work.

 When the kiddos first get to the room they have their basket already on their table. They pick a card from the basket and get to work. Some cards may ask them to read a book from their basket and complete a task and others may ask them to get a morning work sheet to complete. All of this work is done in their morning work notebook. The pages are numbered in their notebook so they know what page to complete each task on (makes easier for grading). The cards are simple enough that they can complete one card each morning. At the end of the week, I take up the notebooks and baskets and grade them. On each page I either put a check or I circle the number if they need to go back and look at it again. I might even put a note as to why it was circled. Most of the time it is because they did not follow all of the directions on the card such as color your picture.

 On the inside of their notebook I put the date and the grade they got for the week. As you can see in the picture the first time we did these I waited and graded at the end of the month of August (we had only been in school 2 weeks) and the girl missed 10. After that they start to get the hang of it and do much better.

I mentioned above that each kid has a bag in their basket. Some days students just don't get finished with a card and if they need to they can put the card and any materials they were using in their bag. That way the next morning nobody gets their card before they get to class.

 Now why do I LOVE this routine so much? Several reasons. One, it is aligned to CCSS and increases in difficulty through the year. Two, I can get grades from it each week. Three, the kids know what to do all year long without me having to explain it. And the biggest reason of all is because at the beginning of each month all that is required of me is to print and laminate the cards (which I won't have to do next year) and make a few copies of the required morning work sheets to put in their baskets. After I take care of that I am finished preparing morning work for the entire month. Ahhhhhh sigh of relief! It feels great.

Click on the picture to be taken to the bundle.

Remember though if you participate in this winter planning giveaway all you have to do is get your secret codes and you can have the January and February edition of this bundle for FREE. If you like it and end up wanting the whole bundle there are directions inside of your freebie on how you can get another item from my shop for free if you go back and purchase the bundle since you already have Jan. and Feb.

So what are you waiting for?!?! Head to I'm Lovin Lit and get started hopping to get the rest of the code words. Don't forget to grab my secret code word before you go. Have fun!


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