Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Christmas Partied It Up In Our Room

So we are out for 2 weeks. YAY! What an amazing feeling. Just wanted to share some pictures from our Christmas party we had yesterday along with some pictures of crafts we did during the week. I know it's too late for you to use any of these ideas now but you could always save them for next year right??

So one of the first crafts we did this week, which was a HUGE hit with my little ones, was we made coasters for parent gifts. You can get these tiles at Home Depot for just 15¢ and then have the kids make thumbprint pictures on them. They made reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and strings of lights. Very creative bunch!

The next gift we made were these "Love Never Melts" signs. Just some brown card stock and white hand prints. They had so much fun painting the snowmen on their fingers.

Yesterday was one of the best Christmas parties I think my class has ever had. We had tons of food, made reindeer hats to wear, and even had a photo booth. I found these props on Etsy for only $4 and printed them out and laminated then hot glued craft sticks to them. The kids had a blast with this. I uploaded each picture to Walgreens and added Christmas borders to them (which is free) and they have so many choices to pick from.

Another thing we did was pass out gifts and here's how since I work in a super low income school. I made the kids a stocking with their name (forgot to snap pics of these) and put a book in it from me. I sent home notes at the beginning of December asking the parents to purchase a gift for each student but give examples of things such as erasers, pencils, snack foods, or any of those little items you can find at the dollar store that come with about a dozen in a pack so they only have to buy two packs. Then at our party the kids get to pass out their gift to the other students by putting it in their stocking. The kids LOVED this because their stockings were so full they could hardly carry them. The gifts were nothing to write home about but you should have seen the look of joy on their faces when they passed their gifts out and saw what they had gotten too. Priceless!!

Well, I hope you found one or two ideas for next year. Trust me, it'll be here before we know it.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Love the ideas! I'll have to try and remember them for next year. :-)

  2. Cute idea with the stockings and gifts! I am sure each child felt super special. Happy Winter Break! Enjoy every moment of it!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  3. What kind of paint did you use for the coasters? Did you coat them after they painted them? They look really cute. Thanks for the idea! Sara

    1. You can use any type of paint and I didn't coat them with anything. The paint I used was some I bought from one of those school catalogs. I can't remember exactly what it was called. They were super easy and quick to make.