Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Close Reading With Informational Text

I was pumped when my phone rang at 5:00 this morning and I had a message telling me we were closed due to weather conditions. Isn't that the best?!?! Although my county tends to think the worse when we hear snow or ice. I woke up to absolutely nothing on the ground. But hey, whatever they decide. I'm not going to complain. Better safe than sorry I guess.

I took advantage of the time off to finish up a unit I have been working on, Close Reading With Informational Text.

I started using close reading with my class a couple of months ago and I fell in love with the whole process. Here is the description of the product from TPT:

With the implementation of common core standards close reading is a must now. I have started this with my class and can see a tremendous growth in their reading skills. The college and career readiness (CCR) anchor standards are often overlooked and the first one states that students must read closely. This packet will help you do just that along with covering the rest of the college and career readiness (CCR) anchor standards. The passages are suitable for 1st-4th grades. With some 1st graders it may be beneficial to scaffold the reading by breaking up the passage into chunks. You might preview the text and discuss key vocabulary, or chunk the text and read and discuss as you go.

What’s included:
What is close reading
Close reading includes
What are text dependent questions
How I use this in my classroom
Be a text talker poster(2 versions)
Show your thinking poster(2 versions)
A close reader is poster
Talk about it poster (for partner talk)
Another example of what close reading might look like

Article Titles Included (all with at least 2 pages of questions):
Two Giant Pandas
Polar Bears
Let’s Go Green (recycling)
Staying Healthy
Sweet Dreams
Community Helpers
Harriet Tubman

If you want to check it out and download the preview click {HERE} I am going to give away one copy tonight. If you want to enter just go my facebook page and like it then leave a comment under the post about the giveaway.

In honor of my snow day this item along with all of my other items will be 20% off today and tomorrow! Click {HERE} for that sale!

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  1. These look great! I love that you used text features in your passages. It is so hard to find rich text to model close reading strategies with. Adding to my wish list for future purchase! =)

    Third Grade in the First State