Monday, November 25, 2013

Author's Purpose & Telling TIme

 We are finishing up author's purpose this week so we completed an author's purpose gallery walk. How this works is I assign each student either entertain, persuade, or inform and they have to write at least 3 sentences in their speech bubble that matches. Then they draw their self under their speech bubble. Next, the kiddos walk around the room with a page that I will provide for you below where they read each speech bubble and tell what that person is trying to do. For example, they might write Madeline is trying to inform.

After we have visited everyone's desk we read them out loud and tell the class what we were really trying to do as they check their answers. I give them a star with their word (inform, persuade, entertain) and they attach it to their speech bubble and picture. The kids love this. You don't really need a lot but click {HERE} to get what you will need.

 We also finished up time so we did this awesome little activity for a grade. If you haven't noticed I am all about some getting up and moving around. For this I wrote a time for each student on a small slip of paper and had the kids draw the minute and hour hands on a clock face. We attached them to construction paper bands and they had to walk around the room and ask each other "What time is it?" I just gave them a paper with each student's name and they write the time that each clock read. *NOTE* Make sure you check each watch for the correct placement of hands before you begin and write down what time you assign each student if you want to check answers in the end.

Click {HERE} to get the clock faces I used for this. Just ignore the first and last page. You only need page 2.

I also made a telling time to the 5 mintues scoot game that you can download from {HERE} for free as well.

Have a great night. One more day left for me before break. YAY!!
 1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong.

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  1. Thanks for the author's purpose gallery walk! I am going to use it after Thanksgiving break! Many thanks!