Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fraction Fun and Adjectives

This past week we have been working on fractions which my kiddos always seem to do really well with. We made these fraction kites. You can get it free {HERE}

We also made these cute fraction pizzas. I kept seeing them all over Pinterest for sale but why buy and make copies of what your kids can make? I gave them something to trace the circles with and then let them pick how many pieces to divide their pizza into. Next they cut out their toppings and decided which pieces to put which toppings on. 

They had to write the fraction for each topping they chose to use on an index card and glue inside.

We made these tab it books in small group. They came from Simply Skilled in Second.

In ELA we covered adjectives. My favorite thing we do each year with this topic is popcorn adjectives. This was something I bought (I think). I only found the copies in my files but more than likely it came from TPT. You can always do this without templates though and just have the kids draw popcorn pieces and boxes.

First, we brainstormed adjectives for our big popcorn pieces.

Next, they got to eat popcorn while writing their own adjectives using their senses,

Have a great night!

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