Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Daily 5 Spring Cleaning

I am a HUGE fan of Daily 5. Not only does it save me hours of preparing centers but the kids love it and they get so much time to just read. Towards the end of the year though I start feeling like there needs to be some changes to bring back that first of the year excitement that is slowly dwindling away.

I am linking up with Deirdre from A Burst of First for a Daily Five linky. Each week you will be able to find great tips on how to spruce up your Daily Five routine. This week we'll be focusing on Word Word. 

Since this is the first week I want to show you how my kids Daily 5 items are organized. 

These are our Daily 5 bookmarks. I used the colors of my groups and they each have one in their book box. If I say go to the 2nd square on your bookmark they know right where to go. I just go in order (1st square, 2nd square, etc.) throughout the week and start back with the 1st. 

I found the idea of how to print them on another blog but this is what I did:
1-Find a set of daily 5 posters on TPT {there are tons of free ones}The ones I used came from {HERE}. 
2. Click print and change pages per sheet to custom 1 by 5.
3. Check the bubble that lets you select the page numbers to print. Enter the page numbers in the order you want your bookmark separated by commas. For example your first bookmark might be 1,2,3,4,5. If you slide the bar under the preview picture it will show you what your bookmark will look like. 
4. Now just print however many you want with that choice on top. 
5. Change the order of the pages printed so a new choice will rotate to the top. For example, now you might put 2,3,4,5,1. 
6. Slide the bar and preview then print again. 
7. Continue doing this until you have all the bookmarks you need. 

Super simple. Attach to construction paper and laminate!

Here are our book boxes. Each one has the student's number and on the wall behind is a piece of masking tape with their number so they will know where to put their box when we clean up.

So on to word work. I put over the word work table each week a copy of the vocabulary words with definitions and our spelling words. I get copies of these {HERE}. If you use the Wonders reading series this site is AWESOME! They have other spelling and word work pages for each week of the Wonders series that I will sometimes include at the word work table. The students have to always make flash cards with their vocabulary words first then they can move on to working with spelling words. I rotate my word work choices about every 2 weeks. I just have a big box under the table with all of my word work items. Some things you would find in this box are stamps, play dough, toothpicks, beans, craft poms, stencils, magnetic boards and letters, letters they can string on a necklace, and different spelling word choice cards. When it gets warm I'll prop the door open and let them write them with sidewalk chalk outside. 

Make sure you read my previous post {HERE} to find out how to get an item of your choice from my shop for free plus enter to win $50 in Educents credit.

Now go stop by A Burst of First for more Word Word ideas! 

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  1. Great ideas Heather! Love those bookmarks! I may need to do a little something like that. Thanks for linking up!
    A Burst of First