Monday, April 20, 2015

Author's Purpose and April Deal

We reviewed author's purpose last week and I am almost 110% positive that you have seen these FREE activities floating around Pinterest but just in case I wanted to share them with you. We do these every year and my students just love them. I hate spending the whole week only reading stories from our reading series. It always makes me stop and think when I hear my students get so excited when I say we are going to read (fill in the blank) because it is not from their reading book. I need to have them sitting on the carpet while I read great literature to them more often.

First we made these author's purpose pencils to review what each purpose meant. You can get the pencil template {HERE} for free and the pieces to glue in {HERE}. You can buy the flaps in this shop to glue to the front but I just made mine.

The next day, we read Where The Wild Things Are. They had to decide if the author was trying to persuade, inform, or entertain us and then complete this cute craft and write about why they picked what they did. Get the templates free {HERE}

The following day we read I Wanna Iguana and again decided what the author was trying to do. Then they got to pick an animal they want for a pet and write to persuade their mom and dad why they should get that pet. You can also get that free {HERE}

In math we finished up multiplication and completed the whale word problems from {HERE}.

If you stop by Educents you can pick up the deal I have going on right now. It is a packet of April themed ready to print practice pages. I use these during my small groups. I put them in Smart Pal sleeves and let them use dry erase markers (less copies). It's just a quick and easy way at the end of small group for them to show me if they remember a particular skill that I previously taught. Click {HERE} to see a preview and complete list of the skills included.

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