Monday, November 24, 2014

Teaching Similes

Last week we covered similes. Just wanted to share a few pictures and ideas for teaching this skill.

First we watched this video and the kids LOVED it! It has a catchy little tune and it uses drawings and simile examples from kids their age.

After it was over we talked about the ones they remembered and I told them they would draw one of their own. As they worked we listened to it again. One, because they begged me to but two because I wanted the ones that couldn't come up with anything to get some ideas by listening again. Here are some of their drawings. {Big as a house and hungry as a wolf}

The next day I let them make these flowers out of scrap paper. They had to draw their face in the middle and come up with four similes that described them. Don't you just love the side bangs?!?!

We, of course, used Amy Lemons simile packet that you can find for free {HERE}. It has a flap book, sort, and more.

If you are going to be covering similes in December I recently found these free Christmas themed task cards. Click {HERE} to check them out. Super cute!

Happy Monday and two-day week {for me at least}!!