Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Math Workshop Flows in My Room

I'm here to bring you week two of "The Diggin' Into Series."

 I hope everyone was able to read all of the great blog post last weekend on classroom organization. If not click {HERE} to go back and check it out. 

.....organize my math block. I changed up the way I do math time this past year and I fell in love with my new routine. Here is what a day in my math class looks like.

I start my math block with alternating every other day using this Common Core Daily Calendar Routine. You can read about how this works {HERE}

And these Common Core Math Warm Ups which we use our desk and dry erase markers to write answers. There is a short post about those {HERE}

On Mondays we don't do either though. I use this day to introduce all of the games they will be playing throughout the next two weeks so when they go to play they won't be totally lost. 

We then have a 10 minute mini lesson before we bust out into our rotations.

Here is what my guided reading rotation board looks like.

The numbers across the top are the rotation number and the numbers down the side are the group numbers. The group signs on the right have their number with Velcro so they know what group they are in. I do four 15-20 minute rotations each day so that I am able to meet with every student. Since we only have a 10 minute whole group mini lesson it is important to meet with all students and this is where I vary the lessons depending on their level.

 The shapes say "Teacher Time" "Own My Own" "Math Games/Manipulatives" and "Practice Math Facts." Teacher time of course is with me. On my own is a workbook page or some type of page that covers the skill from the mini lesson or a math journal prompt. Notice the smaller rectangle below the blue octagon? That is blank and I write what page number in their workbook or whatever it is I want them to work on. For practice math facts we use Fast Math which is awesome. For math games we use games that cover various skills. 

At the end of the rotation I ring a bell and they know to clean up and quickly check the board to go to their next rotation. The first week we did it, they were awesome. They caught on so quickly and now when someone is in my room during math they are amazed at how our math block just flows and all kids are engaged and staying on task and how they all know what they need to be doing without me saying a word. 

I have shared this before but here it is again in case you missed it. If you use Envision for math {HERE} is a pacing guide my district sent us with the lessons that align from common core along with several other lessons and activities that I use during teacher time. 

If you are interested in the products I mentioned above that I start off my math block with, you can get them for 20% off for the next three days by clicking on the item link below:

Well that's it for today but make sure you head over to Where the Magic Happens to follow the linky and check out more math workshop ideas. 

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  1. Heather, I LOVE that you used shapes to as labels/headings for your math rotation board! Keeps it all in the math family :) I also really like that your alternate calendar routine and warm-ups. We use Number Talks at my school (which I love), but I want to incorporate a place where we can go over our problem of the day, and alternating days seems like a great option!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

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  4. Heather...I love your board and how you organize things! This post was really helpful!! Where di you get or did you make your shape posters?
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

  5. Hi Elyse,
    I got my math board materials from this TPT seller's product:
    I love it!