Saturday, May 31, 2014

Diggin' Into Next Year ~ Classroom Organization

...........organization in my classroom. If you asked around at my school they would tell you I am the most organized teacher in our school. I want everything in its place so I know right where it is when I need it. I can't stand things just lying around. So here is what I do in my room to help with that. 

The first is I chose this pocket chart as my free item from Highlights. Did you know if you send home their subscription forms all parents have to do is sign that they do not want the subscription and you get free items from that?? I chose this red pocket chart that I use to organize my papers we will need during the week. I labeled different sections of the chart with the days of the week and then on Friday afternoon I just slide in all of my copies in the appropriate place so I am ready for the next week. It also helps during the day for me to see what we have left to accomplish {or sometimes what I forgot about...Oops!} I actually thumbtacked this to the front of a bookshelf to hide the ugliness behind it.

This next idea is super simple it just took me actually getting it together but it makes my guided reading/math life so much easier. I used a crate and hanging folders to organize all of my group materials. Each group has their own color folder and I keep two sets in the crate. One has materials for this week and the ones behind have their materials for next week since I'm an ahead of the game kind of planner. Most weeks we use close reading passages in our small groups. 

The huge binders separate my math and reading sections. Click {HERE} to download the binder labels. You can't see but in front of the binders is another hanging folder that stores the materials I need for all groups such as my schedule of who meets when, reading strategy cards that I printed 4/page on, laminated, and put on a ring{I got them HERE from Cara Carroll}light pointers {Read that post HERE}, and my response sticks

Here are just a few simple ideas. The basket on top say sharp and not sharp so the kiddos know where to put pencils. The tubs below this have each subject and are known as our "I'm not finished yet" tubs. If time is up they know where to put unfinished work (and that they have to get it back out during recess).

This is how I store my math materials and craft stuff. Everything has a box and label so I know right where to go to get what I need.

My next idea to share with you is how I have set up my reading area for next year. This past year I just had all books on a shelf since I just moved to this room and didn't have a chance to organize them. This drove me INSANE. Here is how it is set up for next year. I bought these tubs at the dollar store and used some chevron tape and hot glued labels with book levels on the fronts. I would share the labels with you but it would never work for you the same as it does for me. Some labels have several levels while others have one or two labels simply based on how many books I had of that certain level. 

The next idea is how I will store my monthly materials next year. This past year I used gift boxes that I put a sticker label on the front of. I noticed the more materials I accumulated the more smashed my boxes got from being stacked on top of each other so I had to go with something more sturdy. I bought these large tubs at Walmart and put two months per tub. I labeled them and keep everything for that month inside (mostly centers).

Each of my centers are in a large envelope with the directions laminated on the front. This is mostly what goes in these tubs.

As I mentioned above my monthly tubs have a lot of centers. Here are some of the ones I have stored. Each of these will be 20% for the next three days!

Thanks so much to Laura over at Where the Magic Happens for hosting this. Check out her blog for the full list of bloggers giving some amazing organization ideas!

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  1. Hi Heather! Your classroom library baskets look great! I have that same chevron tape, but never thought about dressing up my book baskets with it! Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!