Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facebook Free Product Surprise Thursday


Each day this week I am giving away one of my TPT products for FREE for a few hours! So far I have offered these products in the evening so today I thought I'd mix it up and offer it earlier in the day. Today's free product is actually two products. I had a request to offer my Morning Work Basket Bundle which is morning work for the entire school year. While I cannot offer the whole bundle for free {that bundle took A LOT of work to create} I am going to offer the first two months {August and September} for free for the next few hours.

Remember to get this product first follow me on Bloglovin.

Next like my facebook page and click on fan freebies to download the product!

If you like this morning work routine {which has made my life sooo much easier} you can purchase this as a bundle to cover every month of the school year. You can read about this product {HERE} or click on the picture to download the preview with samples of everything included.


Now you may be asking well if I purchase the bundle you have already given me the first two months for free so am I basically paying for them now? Well that would be true so since the products I am offering for free today are a $5 value if you do decide to purchase the full bundle email me at and I will let you pick any product from my shop that is equal to the $5 value to make up for it. Sound fair??

Ok, well I am moving soon so I'm off to pack while my little chickpea is taking her nap!! Enjoy your free product!


  1. What a wonderfully generous freebie!! THank you :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. Sorry I missed the freebie! Today started our tax free week and I was at the mall! I did pick up the Cause and Effect freebie on FaceBook! THANK YOU!

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