Monday, May 21, 2012

Owl Freebies and Multiplication

I am doing an owl theme in my classroom for next year and have been working on some posters and labels to use. I just posted some for free that you can pick up in my TPT store. I made a reading and math focus wall poster. I also have organized all of my school supplies and math manipulatives into tubs so I made some labels for those as well. I even left some blank so you can make your own. Click on the pictures to get yours.

Ok, for some reason I cannot find the picture to post of the focus wall posters so just click here to get those for free.

So, we have been working on multiplication this past week and made these cute hands from Amy Lemons Multiplication Situations packet. Just wanted to share the photos.

The kids traced their hands and glued down the palms only so the fingers would curl out like they were holding their items. Then they picked what they wanted to hold in their hands, drew however many they wanted in their hand, then completed the saying I have # ________ in my hand. How many ________s do I have in all? Super cute and easy!


  1. those owls are so cute! I downloaded a set as well! :)


  2. Follower #99 - you've almost reached 100! Those handprint multiplication problems look like something I could incorporate quite easily. Thank you for sharing. Come and visit my blog about books.
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