Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wonders Reading Series

Do you use the Wonders Reading Series? If so, then this product is just what you need. I created this product when my school got a new principal and she wanted our skills for the day/week posted in the room. I decided to take each weekly skill from the Wonders reading series and make cute, colorful mini posters to display on my reading focus wall.

Each Monday I go over with the class what we will be learning during the week and we reference this board several times throughout the week as a reminder of what we are learning.

***NOTE*** The following images are from the 2nd grade preview so the images and specific number of posters listed on each will vary for each grade level. Also, not all grade levels have the same type of posters depending on what your grade's Wonder series covers***

The first thing we go ever each Monday is the essential question of the week so the kids know what topic we will be reading about in whole and small group.

The next thing is the genre for the week. The poster defines it and has a picture to match. The genre posters come in two options.

We then discuss the vocabulary strategy that we will cover. The word is also defined on these posters.

 Next, we see what we will learn as far as our comprehension strategy and comprehension skill.

These cards get used a lot during the week. These are the phonics skills cards. The skill is at the top with a few sample words underneath. They come four to a page.

We also use this time to go over our weekly grammar skill(s).

The packet also includes full size posters of the weekly spelling words and half size posters of the weekly vocabulary and high frequency words.

 There are several options to choose for your header cards. I chose the blues ones for my room.

If you think you would like to start your own reading focus wall for the Wonders series then check out your grade level by clicking on the picture below. I have packets for 1st-5th at this time. And I will be putting them on sale the rest of this week and this weekend. They will be marked down to only $7.00 for around 200 pages worth of material. If you purchase please feel free to email me pictures of your completed Wonders Focus Wall that I can show on my facebook page (

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