Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FarFaria Reading App

Have you heard of the reading app Farfaria? It is a wonderful app that has over 900 books with five new stories every week for kids ranging from ages 1-9. It has tons of educational books plus classics such as Snow White and Wizard of Oz.

The best thing about this app is that it allows the child to read it independently or there is a feature that will read it to them. Also, each book is leveled. There are common core aligned reading level badges on each book cover. There is also a read along option with highlighted text.

When you first log on you can explore the island. The island looks like this and allows you to pick what theme you want to read from such as make believe, preschool playground, fable hills and more. There is even sing along city, one of my favorites, where you can sing along with the song.

Once you pick your island you have a choice of which book you want to read that will look like this. There are so many choices on every island. I really like that you can see the book level on this page before you pick a book.

When you pick your book this is when you have the option to read it alone or have it read to you. To turn the pages you simply slide your finger across the screen. When you finish you will have the option to save the book in your favorites if you wish.

This is such an amazing way to help students gain a love for reading. You will soon be able to get a year subscription for 50% off. For just $19.99 you'll have access to hundreds of books. Just click on the picture below.

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