Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School Freebies Plus a Measurement Freebie

I always forget how back to school time can be so crazy and tiring. I also forget how my 2nd graders seem so little at the beginning of the year and like they can't do anything for themselves or if they do it takes FOREVER. But then I also forget how it only takes a couple of weeks and they are right into being little 2nd graders. I think 2nd is just the best grade ever because they still have that innocence and are so darn cute but they haven't gotten the dreaded attitude yet.

I haven't had time to post since we started back a few weeks ago so I wanted to show you some new things in my room this year and give you a few of them as freebies.

I decided to pretty up my reading center so I made this READ sign. I just bought 5 x 7 frames at the dollar tree and stuck them up with command hooks. Click {HERE} to download.

I also made new posters for our Whole Brain Teaching rules that you can download {HERE}

The next new thing in my room are our RECESS letters. Each letter is worth 5 minutes of their recess and this is a whole class earn it or lose it reward. I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby and put magnets on the back and just stuck to my filing cabinet.

I had worked all summer creating a lesson plan template I wanted to use this year, then we got a new principal and was told we would be using a template that the everyone in the school would use so all my hard work on this one went out the window. If you can use it I would love for someone to get to. Click {HERE}. It's editable.

 We have been working on measurement in our class last week and this week. We made these about an inch/foot/yard sort books that you can download {HERE}. We'll be doing a meter/centimeter one next week that I'll be sharing.

We did a few other measurement activities from my TPT packet last week. One was our measurement mansions. I gave specific measurements for each part of their mansion and they had to use a ruler and follow each direction. Pretty sure they liked decorating the best.

I'm sticking with my math schedule from last year where I have a 15 minute mini lesson over our skill then break off into math rotations (teacher time, math facts practice, games, on my own) so I get to meet with every kiddo for 15 minutes in a small group to further teach the skill. This is a great way to differentiate our skills.

I hope you could use some of the freebies I posted here today.

Happy Monday!


  1. Do you sell your book box labels?? The ones for the kids.....

    1. I was actually going to offer those as a freebie here but I can't find the original file on my computer any more. Sorry.

  2. OMG!! You are too generous! Love all your fabulous ideas and products. Thank you for sharing.

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