Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Lovin' Sale Day 3

So we are already at day 3 of our Summer Lovin' Sale sale. I have to say I am having so much fun picking out my favorite items to put on sale for you each day. 

Here are today's items: Daily Common Core Warm Ups. There is a language version and a math version and both are 20% off today! There are 3 questions per day to go over with your class. The questions may be skills you have covered and it may be skills you have not gotten to yet. The great thing is if you have already covered the skill it gives great review and if you have not it gives a great introduction for the future. The main thing I was looking for when I created this was repeated exposure to important common core skills for better retention with my students and that is exactly what I got last year by using these. You can click on the pictures to download a preview and read more about each one.

The way I use these with my class is by putting them up on the projector and my students write their answers on their desk with a dry erase marker. 

That's not the only option though. Students can write answers on paper or you can print the questions and make copies. I use them to start my language and math lessons daily. This is a set for the whole school year. It is divided into 4 nine week periods and provides 3 questions per day (that you will repeat for better understanding) that are aligned to the common core standards.  Whether you have covered the skill or not, these daily warm-ups make for a great review of old skills or introduction to new skills. You can also use them to assess what your students know.

Here are the direct links to both:

Daily Common Core Language Warm Up

Daily Common Core Math Warm-Up

Don't forget as always to check these sales out as well!

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