Friday, April 25, 2014

Have You Met NearPod?

Have you met NearPod ( I was just introduced recently and LOVE it. First of all it's free and on top of that it's learning with technology......did I mention it's free? Students will sign in and you have control of their screen, so you guide them through a lesson and there is so much along the way from videos to quizzes.

I have to warn you there are going to be tons of pictures but that's how I learn best so that's how I'll show you. First, you will create an account which is super easy. Next, go to the store.

You can purchase lessons but there is a free section too with a ton of choices.

The ones I have clicked on so far give an age range or grade in the corner. You might want to look at that because I clicked on making inferences based on character traits but it said 6th grade. This subject and predicate lesson is for 7 years and up.

Once you get the lesson you want just hit download. It will store all the ones you download in your library.

If you already have the one you want to use downloaded you will just go to My Library from this screen when you log in.

So now for the fun part....the actual lesson with your class.They will also go to and enter their name. You will have a share code to give them and they just enter it to join your lesson.

The lesson starts out with an objective and then some lessons have videos and quizzes and gives information and reviews about your topic.

The best part is you are controlling your students screens through the lesson. When you click the next page of the lesson their screens go to the next page with you. 

When they take the quiz it will give you their answers and score. My example just had one student.

It stores everything so you can go back later and look at the reports.

I was not paid nor does the site know I even blogged about this. I just thought this was too great not to share. I mean what teacher doesn't love free technology?? Hope this is something you can use. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for this great tip - I'll definitely check out this site!