Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making Ten and Assessment Packet Suggestions

I always forget how hectic the first of school is. It's been forever since I have posted anything. I feel like I am going a million miles a minute all day.

Today we were working on making ten in math. The math series says for students to use chips on their place value mat to do this. Well, I am assuming I am to use the place value mats and chips that you so generously provided me with right?? Wrong! Don't you just hate it when your series tells you to use something that you were never given?!?! The same thing happened in our reading series this year. We are told to use the vocabulary picture cards to introduce the vocab words for the week but yet we were not provided with these cards. Anyway, mini rant at the last minute I had the kids whip out the dry erase markers and make their own ten frames on their desks. Oh my word! They loved doing this. Luckily I had my own set of red/yellow chips. Here are some pics of them in action.

Short post today but just wanted to share this in case anyone else out there is lacking the appropriate teaching materials. There is always a way to make it work : )
Also, if you have a common core assessment pack for reading, language, and math from TPT that you are super happy with would you mind sharing the link of where I can get it? I have the common core assessment mega bundle that I made, but I want a back up for retesting students. Any suggestions??
Hope everyone has a wonderful night!


  1. I love that you let the kids write on their fun! :)


  2. We have the same math program! Great idea!

  3. How fun! And that paper looks very familiar...just taught that lesson today! :) Thanks for the tip!

  4. Looks like we have the same math series. What a cute idea to have the kids use dry erase markers on their desks. Brilliant!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. I wish I found this before the other ones that I already bought :(