Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pintrest Witch

This post has nothing to do with school, BUT I FINALLY completed a Pintrest project that has nothing to do with my classroom and it came out way too cute not to share with you because it was so simple to make. I'll tell you how.

First, you use a foam circle and orange and black tulle to make a tutu. I just hot glued them to the foam. I scrunched up close to the bottom of the tulle and glued it down. Since the tulle is meshy you can hold it down hard enough that the glues comes through to hold the whole scrunched up part in place. Here is what the back side will look like. Make sure you let the tulle hang over a bit.
Next use purple ribbon and glue for the legs. I used green ribbon with orange polka dots for her socks. You just loop it 3 times like this:
Use a little orange ribbon to make a bow for her shoe and I used thick, sparkly felt for her shoes.
The you just paint your name on a wooden plaque and hot glue it on. I got the lightest one they had so the hot glue would hold it on. Now, I finally broke down and bought myself a Cameo and that is how I made her shoes. I created a stencil to paint my name. I'm sure a lot of you are more artsy than I am so you may not need the help of the Cameo. If you make one be sure to let me know. I would love to see a picture. Here are some more of my front door. I also decorated some pumpkins with black and orange ribbon and put polka dots on one.




  1. Love the's such a good feeling completing Pinterest projects!

    Success in Second Grade

  2. That is the cutest witch. I also LOVE LOVE Your white pumpkin with dots!
    The Hive

  3. Sure cute wreath! I just picked up some pumpkins and mums for my front stoop today :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher