Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lots of Ideas

I had to attend a 2 day training this week where I got TONS of ideas for this year. Thought I would share some with you.

My first session was with Dr. Jean. Pretty impressive huh? She taught us how to make a lot of quick and cheap centers. Here were some of her ideas.

Bean counters. Love this! You use 15" tape and tape 10 beans together to use for nonstandard measurement (common core).

Bean Counters

Pencil Pocket Book. This could be used with tons of math topics: multiplication, adding, money you name it. You just get about 5 pencil pockets with the clear fronts and hold them together with pipe cleaner. You put whatever problem you want on the front and the kiddos put the answer in the pocket using what you want them to. The picture uses those little erasers, but you could use paper clips, cotton balls or anything small.
Pencil Pocket Book

Personal PC. All you need is a file folder, sheet protector and this keyboard download. You put what ever you want the kids to practice typing in the sheet protector. Great word work idea for Daily 5.

Finger Phonics. Also great for word work. Use dollar store gardening gloves and cut the tips off. Write letters on the tips and they practice making words.
Finger Phonics

At one session I was told about a cute back to school activity to help build self-esteem. It is called We're All Experts and can be used with the book: The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. You have each child think of something they are good at and draw a picture of them doing it and write about it (or just label it I am an expert at _______ for younger students). You can make a class book out of their pictures and then other students that want to know more about what their classmates are experts at can get with that person to learn more about it.

I went to one session that was all about domino games. There are so many things you can do with dominoes that I had never thought of.
Here are some ideas:

* One student holds a domino and covers one number with their thumb. If they have the domino with a 3 and a 5 on it and they cover the 5 they would say to the other students 8 is my sum what's under my thumb? So cute huh? You can get really big dominoes and do this whole class too.

* Domino War with regrouping. Students draw 2 dominoes and lay them one over the over as a 2 digit addition or subtraction problem. Whoever gets the bigger number keeps all dominoes.

* Dominoes Outcome Chart. Here you have a black and white copy of all dominoes lined up (all zeros in one line, all ones, etc.) There are several things you can do with this page. which can be downloaded here by clicking on workshop handouts on the left. For all versions you put the actual domino face up on the matching black and white domino.
1) Disappearing bone yard (3 versions) 1st version (easier) Student will roll 2 dice (or the double dice)
They have to find the domino that matches and flip it over until all are flipped. 2nd version (middle) Student will roll a 12 sided die and flip over any domino that equals the number. (example: if they roll an 8, they could flip over the 1 and 7 domino or the double 4. 3rd version (harder) Student will roll a 12 spotted die and flip over a domino that equals the number. For the 1st version you remove all zeros and for the 2nd and 3rd version you remove the double zero. All of these dice can be found here under product catalog.

*Clockominoes-2 player game-Each student has their own set of dominoes and game board that looks like the one below. You can easily draw a master of this. I do not have one to share or I would. They will take turns turning over a domino and saying the problem. For example, a domino that has a 1 and 4 on it would be called as 1 plus 4 is five and thy lay that domino on the 5. The object it to be the first to cover each number on the clock. If the same student from the example drew the 5 and blank they would say 5 plus 0 is 5 and have to put it on top of the other 5.

 You can get a 6 set (each a different color) here for only $20.

 I learned so much more and could go on for days but these are some of my favorites. Hope you got some good ideas.

FYI tomorrow I will be having a BIG giveaway with tons of prizes!!

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