Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Week Back Linky

Well we have been back at it for a whole week now. I LOVE my new class of little second graders. I have some cuties! I wanted to share what we did our first week back to school. Here are some pics of our finished products. Link up below to show what you did for your first week back.

First we used Hope King's Going for the Gold packet and made the adorable little glyph athletes. I wanted to use something with the Olympics since they were just finishing up, but I was shocked that half of my class didn't even know what the Olympics were.

We also made Olympic torches and wrote about what made us shine.

Here is our work in the hallway.

Then we used Babbling Abby's Super in Second packet to make these little backpacks. They wrote about what a second grader needs to be successful and put crayons in their pocket. So stinkin' cute!

Next, we read First Day Jitters, read Abby's poem, and made Jitter Juice. Oh My Goodness, the kids LOVED making this juice. They thought it was the neatest thing when we mixed the ingredients together.

I asked everyone to write a letter to a friend telling them about their new teacher. I went around reading them when they were at lunch and they were so sweet. This one if from my Korean girl. Love it!

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  1. I start school on Monday so I will have to link up next weekend. I plan on using some of the same activities from Abby's Super in Second Grade Unit! I hope my first week turns out as good as yours did!
    Barrow's Hodgepodge