Monday, July 20, 2015

Deal of the Day: Wonders Focus Wall

One of my hottest products right now is my Wonders Focus Wall materials for 1st-5th grade. If your school uses the Wonders Reading Series this product has everything you need for an entire year for your reading focus wall. 

The posters are all in a bright quatrefoil pattern. Here's what my completed board looks like.

The types of posters included are Genre that come in two different versions.

Vocabulary strategy posters

Comprehension strategy and Comprehension skill posters

Phonics posters

Grammar posters

Spelling, vocabulary and high frequency word and essential question posters. Each of these have the unit and week number on the bottom corner for easy organization. (This was not included on the other posters because they are used in multiple units).

There are 4 versions of the header cards for you to choose to set your board up.

These skills, words, and strategies come straight from the Wonders program. The number of each of these posters vary based on the grade level. There is a poster for each skill you will teach using the Wonders program.  

For the next 24 hours you can grab this packet for half off making it only $4.40. This deal will end at 11:15 CST tomorrow. Click on the picture below to be taken to the 2nd grade version. From there in the description there are links to each grade level.