Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare To Dream

For this week's TPT seller challenge we were asked to write about our dreams. I really like this because nobody is pushing products this week. We are getting to know each other. What it really should be all about. I have loved reading about everyone's dreams and now here are mine.

My #1 dream is to be a stay at home mommy. I have an almost 4 year old (No I can't just say she is 4. They grow up too fast as it is) and a 6 month old that my world revolves around. When I had my first baby girl I had such a hard time going back after my 3 month maternity leave. Being a teacher, I am blessed to have so many breaks to spend with them but with those breaks come tears when it's time to go back.  After having my second baby girl it just made it even harder. Even though my "almost 4 year old" has the attitude of all attitudes I would give anything to be home with them every single day. My husband is in law school right now so there is no chance of me quitting my job. At the same time I LOVE, LOVE teaching so it would be really hard to give that up.

My next dream is to open a teacher consignment store. I see all of the clothing consignment stores in my town and think how many times I have bought something for my classroom that didn't end up working for me or I just wanted something new the next year (pretty sure I have changed calendar sets the last 3 years and have them all stored in the attic). It would be awesome to have a store close by where teachers could consign their teaching things they no longer need and be able to buy gently used stuff at a discounted price. The only problem with a store of this nature is it would have to be open when teachers are off (weekends, nights, summer) and those are not times of the day I want to work.

My last dream is to spend more time with God. I am such an on the go person who does not like to sit still for a minute so sitting and reading my Bible is hard. I do go to church every weekend and lead a small group during the week but I find myself drifting into other thoughts. Usually what all I need to be doing for my classroom. I want to learn to relax and have meaningful quiet time with God.

So there you have it, my top three dreams. Make sure you stop by Peppy Zesty Teacherista to read some other fabulous bloggers dreams.

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  1. I would have loved to be able to stay home when my kids were younger too! It is a goal a lot of TPT sellers have:) I love your idea for a Teacher consignment store. I have a basement full of teacher "stuff" that would love to find a new classroom! Good luck with your TPT dreams.