Thursday, March 6, 2014

Complete Wonders Focus Wall Materials

I have really tried to keep my focus wall updated this year, so each week when we would learn a new skill I would search for a freebie poster on TPT or make one myself to use. I finally broke down and made an entire set of them for the whole year, mainly because I am OCD and had to have them all match. I give you the Complete Wonders Focus Wall Materials for 2nd Grade.

The great thing is if you do not use the Wonders Program you can still use this packet and just exclude the spelling, vocab, and high frequency words. The posters are all in a bright quatrefoil pattern. Here's what my completed board looks like.

The types of posters included are 18 genre that come in two different versions. I made one and wasn't thrilled with it so I made another. I wanted to include both in case others liked the first version.

15 vocabulary strategy posters

5 comprehension strategy and 14 comprehension skill posters

50 phonics posters

33 grammar posters

If you do use Wonders it comes with the entire year of spelling, vocabulary and high frequency word and essential question posters. Each of these have the unit and week number on the bottom corner for easy organization. (This was not included on the other posters because they are used in multiple units).

There are 4 version of the header cards for you to choose to set your board up.

These skills, words, and strategies come straight from the Wonders program, but I am guessing since Wonders is based on CCSS they are the same skills you teach in your reading series. If there is a skill you need included, email me at and I will see about adding it for you.

If you download the preview {HERE} you can see a detailed list of each poster.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Wow Heather! What an accomplishment. Great Job!
    A Burst of First

  2. These posters are amazing! It was on my to-do list to make this kind of pack, since it has been driving me crazy that my posters do not match!!! I can't wait to print it tomorrow!