Second Grade Perks: Time


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We covered time last week, so I just wanted to share what all we did because most of it I found for free. First made these flip clocks to help them count by 5s. Click here for the template.

The next day we made a huge clock out of index cards and sentence strips. I had each kid show me a time on the clock and then I put a time on the clock for each kid to read.

Wednesday we made a timeline of our day. I put the kids in groups and gave them a blank clock. We picked out 8 things that we do everyday at the same time and each group was assigned a time to draw on their clock and then we put them in order.
For their test (and by the way they LOVED this) they made a watch to wear. I put the times on ahead of time. We just attached the watch face to a construction paper band. They also got a sheet with every student's name on it and they had to go to each person and ask them "what time is it?" You can click here to get the clock faces and the blank clock for the timeline.

After completing all of these during the week, I was so happy that pretty much the whole class mastered time!! Can't get better than that!!


  1. I use that same clock to help teach my kids how to count by 5's! I love the watch idea!! I'm thinking of using that as a review! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks for listing all these in one place! It was very easy to follow your links. We haven't started time yet, but will soon! My work is half done!

    What i have learned

  3. This is great... I can't wait to share the week with my kidlets..

  4. How do I print the clock? It looks so great!

    1. If you click on the "here" word at the top it will take you to another blog. She has the template on her blog. You click on the top right corner of her picture.

  5. This is a great interactive way to help kids learn to tell time and count by 5's. This free printable would also go along with telling time

  6. Thank you very much, for this beautiful clock idea! We used it with my daughter.